10 Men Y'all Won’T Believe Are Real!

10 Men You Won’t Believe Are Real!

10. Yu Zhenhuan (Hairiest Man On Earth)

No, he isn’t a chimpanzee wearing human clothes, he’s a existent living breathing human from China. Due to a rare condition, 96 per centum of his torso is covered inwards hairs. Obviously, his entire life he has faced many hardships due to his appearance. Now he’s trying to take away those hairs, in addition to pursue his childhood dream, which is to piece of job a musician.

9. Tom Staniford (Man With No Fat)

Tom has an extremely rare status called MDP syndrome, it’s then rare that alone 8 cases inwards the entire world accept e'er been reported. Due to this syndrome, he has cypher per centum fatty inwards his body. This English linguistic communication human being is a para-cyclist, in addition to was also the 2011 National Para-Cycling Circuit Race Champion.

8. Sultan Kosen (Tallest Man On The Planet)

Sultan Kosen is farmer from Turkey, who holds the world tape of the tallest living manly individual on the planet. He has a confirmed superlative of 8ft 3in, making him expect similar a giant human being walking on the seem upward of earth.

7. Chandra Bahadur Dangi (Shortest Man On The Planet)

From tallest human being live on to a shortest human e'er lived. Chandra Bahadur Dangi was a shortest living individual inwards recorded history for whom at that spot is irrefutable evidence, touchstone alone 54.6 cm. Dangi was a primordial dwarf. Chandra came to the attending of the media when a forest contractor saw him inwards his hamlet inwards the Dang district of Nepal, in addition to he was awarded the championship of shortest adult human e'er recorded afterward his superlative was measured inwards Feb 20, 2012.

6. Francisco Domingo Joaquim (Man With Biggest Mouth)

This human being has a real weird sort of talent. He has the world’s widest mouth. He came into world’s attending couplet of years ago, when his large oral cavity stunts went viral on YouTube. He has also cracked a Guinness world tape of widest oral cavity on the planet. He tin post away pose an entire coke tin post away inwards his oral cavity without whatever problem.

5. Carlos “Halfy” Rodriguez (Man With Half Head)

An accident is responsible for Carlos’s appearance. After flight through a windshield inwards a automobile crash, he landed on this head, crushing the upper division of his skull. The accident caused then much harm that Doctors had to cutting out a large division of his encephalon to salve him, in addition to yes, he’s all the same alive, which seems some sort of miracle.

4. Michel Lotito (Man Who Can Eat Anything)

Michel is known for his stunts involving consumption of several inedible materials such equally metal, glass, condom in addition to many more. He disassembled, cut-up, in addition to consumed bicycles, shopping carts, televisions, a Cessna 150 (aeroplane), in addition to other items. The Cessna 150 took roughly ii years to live on “eaten”, from 1978 to 1980. He began eating odd stuff equally a teenager some xvi years of historic catamenia in addition to performed publicly from 1966. He died at the historic catamenia 57 due to natural causes.

3. Gary Turner (Man With Stretchiest Skin)

Gary Turner endure from an extreme illustration of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that has weakened his skin. He tin post away stretch his peel to extreme levels, equally you lot may live on noticing inwards the higher upward picture, which seems impossible to live on done yesteryear whatever human. He performs many incredible stunts amongst his skin, for which he landed on this list, in addition to is i of the human being you lot in all likelihood won’t believe is real.

2. Sajad Gharibi (The Iranian Hulk)

Sajad Gharibi is a Western Farsi guy you lot may non desire to mess with. This human being is made out of alone bones in addition to muscles, he’s in all likelihood the strongest human being on the planet Earth, for which he received the championship The Iranian Hulk.

1. Amoo Hadji (Dirtiest Man On Earth)

No, this isn’t whatever brute from Hollywood movie, he’s a existent human being who hasn’t bathed for lx years. He lives inwards a minor hamlet of Iran, in addition to uses a grave pit to sleep. An opened upward brick shack is also built yesteryear those who felt lamentable for him, then he tin post away shroud from conditions elements.

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