10 Interesting Facts Close Due North Korea You Lot May Non Know!

10 Interesting Facts About Democratic People's Republic of Korea You May Not Know!

10. They have got their ain calendar

Think it’s the yr 2017 inwards North Korea? Think again. It is genuinely the yr 106 because Democratic People's Republic of Korea marks the nativity of their showtime supreme leader – Kim Il-sung – equally yr 1 (1912). This departure from the widely used Gregorian calendar was exclusively genuinely implemented on ix September 1997.

9. No birthdays allowed on detail dates

North Korea’s minute supreme leader – Kim Jong-il – together with Kim Il-sung died on July 8 together with Dec 17, respectively. So, bad luck if yous were born on either of those days because you’re non permitted to celebrate your birthday.

8. Citizens exclusively have got access to a pocket-sized pose out of websites

The cyberspace contains millions upon millions of domains, but for those inwards North Korea, exclusively 28 websites tin live on accessed past times the public. Of those, most wouldn’t live on called especially exciting, equally they arrive at from websites roofing insurance, education, attention for the elderly, news, together with cooking tips. Added to this, it’s non tardily to larn onto the cyberspace at home, equally computers don’t come upwards inexpensive together with you’ll genuinely demand permission to purchase one. Even though the country’s population is exactly about 25 million, it’s probable that exclusively a few grand genuinely have got the correct to purpose domicile internet.

7. Young men told to re-create their leader’s haircut

Kim Jong-un, who other than having a reputation equally 1 of the world’s most ruthless leaders, is likewise recognized for his real odd hairstyle – but he doesn’t desire to live on the exclusively one. While it’s even thus unclear how strictly enforced this dominion is, immature males were allegedly encouraged to have got the same hairstyle equally their enigmatic supreme leader. No uncertainty they all loved that idea.

6. They have got a simulated town on the edge amongst South Korea

In the demilitarized zone betwixt North together with Republic of Korea rests a seemingly dainty town, amongst everything you’d aspect to see, similar houses, a school, a infirmary together with shops. The affair is… evidently no 1 genuinely lives there. Named ‘Peace Village’ inwards North Korea, a fair flake of mystery even thus surrounds the town, but multiple reports advise that the town is exactly meant to demonstrate Republic of Korea exactly how fantastic life inwards the North tin be. It has been nicknamed ‘Propaganda Village’ past times the residue of the world.

5. Hiring fans to cheer for the national squad during the 2010 World Cup

It’s notoriously difficult to larn out Democratic People's Republic of Korea fifty-fifty for a holiday, thus equally a result, many thought it odd that thousands of North Koreans turned upwards to back upwards their province during the 2010 World Cup inwards South Africa. But, equally yous may have got guessed, at that spot is a to a greater extent than devious explanation. It has been reported that these fans were genuinely Chinese actors paid past times Democratic People's Republic of Korea to live on equally patriotic equally possible during the World Cup.

4. H5N1 real pocket-sized percent of their roads are paved

They may have got the world’s largest stadium amongst a capacity of 150,000, but conversely, less than 3% of the roads are genuinely paved amongst tarmac.

3. They concur “elections”

Although it mightiness live on a laughable concept from a province widely considered a totalitarian regime, Democratic People's Republic of Korea does concur elections every v years. Sure, yous exclusively have got 1 alternative to pick (and don’t fifty-fifty recall nearly non voting at all), but at to the lowest degree there’s the illusion of democracy. It’s prophylactic to tell supreme leader Kim Jong-un faces literally no opposition.

2. H5N1 South Korean managing director was kidnapped together with forced to brand films

While it’s fair that many would chop-chop similar to forget the controversial together with poorly-received 2014 cinema ‘The Interview’ (a comedy inwards which 2 U.S.A. of America journalists elbow grease to assassinate Kim Jong-un), at that spot is a to a greater extent than sinister incident linking Democratic People's Republic of Korea together with film. In 1978, Kim Jong-il kidnapped managing director Shin Sang-ok together with his married adult woman (actor Choi Eun-hee) from Republic of Korea together with tasked them amongst revitalizing the failing North Korean cinema industry. They made a total of vii films, but eventually managed to escape inwards 1986.

1. “Three generations punishment” rule

Horribly, if individual inwards your solid unit of measurement breaks the police together with is sent to a prison theater camp, thus the residue of your relations tin aspect the same fate. In the eyes of the leadership, if you’re a lawbreaker (most probable a political prisoner) thus your entire solid unit of measurement is no different; this includes your grandparents, parents, together with children. This “three generations punishment” dominion was started past times Kim Il-sung dorsum inwards the 1950s.

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