10 Crazy Gods In Addition To Deities From Simply About The World!

10 Crazy Gods too Deities From Around The World!

10. Mutunus Tutunus

Mutunus Tutunus was a Roman fertility deity symbolised every bit a giant penis. It is believed that the deity had a sanctuary inwards ancient Rome which was visited past times veiled women. Mutunus Tutunus played a pregnant exercise inwards every wedlock ceremony. It is said that previous to wedlock rites brides straddled the phallus god every bit a way of making the laid about offering of their virginity. This every bit good evidently prepared the brides for intercourse too taught them non to hold out embarrassed past times sex.

9. Babi

Babi was a fierce, blood-thirsty baboon god worshiped inwards Ancient Egypt. As early on every bit the Old Kingdom Babi represented supernatural aggression to which the monarch aspired. Babi had total command of the darkness too had the ability to opened upwardly up the sky for monarchs because his phallus was the bolt on the doors of heaven. Also, the ferryboat of the underworld used Babi’s phallus every bit its mast.

8. Aphroditus

Aphroditus (or Aphroditos) was a god worshiped inwards Greece. He was worshiped every bit both manly someone too woman someone too was portrayed every bit having a woman someone cast too Aphrodite’s wearable but every bit good the beard too sexual organs of a man. To celebrate Aphroditus men too women routinely exchanged wearable too assumed alternate sexual roles. It is every bit good believed that during these rituals women assumed a penetrative exercise field men celebrated the “passive” sexual experience.

7. Pudicitia

Pudicitia was the Roman goddess of chastity too fidelity too was ever represented every bit veiled. Pudicitia was every bit good a feminine Roman virtue. Pudicitia was chastity, fidelity too piety attached to modesty too was maintained past times a woman’s manly someone parent or manly someone relatives too afterwards past times a husband. Pudicitia was expressed past times staying at habitation too past times remaining invisible too untouchable to the populace world.

6. Bona Dea

The Bona Dea, or the “Good Goddess”, was a Roman goddess of women too healing who was worshipped alone past times women. Her truthful parent is said to hold out Fauna, which way “She Who Wishes Well.” However, Fauna was believed to hold out her undercover name, non to hold out spoken aloud, peculiarly past times men.

5. Juno Viriplaca

Juno Viriplaca every bit good known every bit “Man-Placater” or “The Goddess who Soothes the Anger of Man”, was a Roman goddess who restored peace betwixt a married couple. Juno Viriplaca had a sanctuary on the Palatine Hill inwards Rome where women went when they believed that they were wronged past times their husbands. They would say Juno Viriplaca their grief too the goddess would dispose their minds to leave of absence reconciled to their husbands.

4. Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi is a Haitian Vodou deity. He is oft depicted amongst a skull-like face, wearing a dark top hat, a long dark coat too spectacles or sunglasses. He every bit good carries amongst him a cane that is adorned amongst an erect phallus.

3. Ungud

Ungud is a bisexual serpent god inwards the mythology of the Aboriginals inwards north-western Australia. Ungud is oft associated amongst the rainbow too is known every bit the “Rainbow Serpent”. He is oft associated amongst the erections of medicine men.

2. Liber

Liber was a Roman god of manly someone fertility, viniculture too freedom. H5N1 populace festival of Liberalia was celebrated on the 17th of March inwards his honour. The festival was celebrated amongst sacrifices, processions, too bawdy songs.

1. Hephaestus

Hephaestus was the Greek god of blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy, burn too volcanoes. He is well-nigh unremarkably symbolised amongst a hammer, an anvil too a pair of tongs.

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