10 Boxers Of All Time!

10 Boxers of All Time!

10. Willie Pep

One of the finest featherweights together with boxing innovators to always piece of occupation into the ring, Willie Pep made it inwards our listing of transcend 10 boxers of all fourth dimension because of his smoothen boxing skills. Living inwards the early on days of boxing during 40s to 60s, he finished his historic career alongside a amount of 229 wins alongside 65 knockouts.

9. Julio Cesar Chavez

Mexican boxers are known for their pump inwards the ring. And if there’s anyone who embodies this trait, that would survive Mexico’s favorite son, Julio Cesar Chavez. JC Chavez made his career from 1980 to 2005, facing the likes of Oscar Dela Hoya, Meldrick Taylor together with Hector Camacho. Chavez is non alone known for his win streak, winning 87 postulate fights inwards thirteen years, but likewise for his exciting matches.

8. Bernard Hopkins

If at that topographic point is something that made Bernard Hopkins inwards our listing of transcend 10 boxers of all time, it is his mightiness to compete against high score boxers despite his age. Born inwards 1965 at historic menses 51, The Executioner has been able to confront the biggest names from middleweight to lite heavyweight division. He broke George Foreman’s tape every bit the oldest boxer to win a globe championship.

7. Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier has been known every bit the toughest contender of Muhammad Ali. He is an Olympic gilded medalist together with a globe champion who lived inwards the glory days of the heavyweight division. Smokin Joe is a star student of Eddie Futch, a boxing trainer known every bit a tactician for his methodical approach inwards preparation fighters.

6. Roberto Duran

Nicknamed the Hands of Stone, Roberto Duran is the pose out vi inwards our listing of transcend 10 boxers of all time. He is considered past times many every bit the best lightweight inwards history. He is i of the 4 horsemen who fought during the best era of welterweights inwards the 80s. During his career, he’s been able to larn by inwards 4 dissimilar weight divisions from lightweight all the agency upward to middleweight.

5. Mike Tyson

Who wouldn’t cry upward Mike Tyson? Mike Tyson is considered past times many every bit the hardest hitting heavyweight who always lived. He fought the heavyweight sectionalisation alongside a fearsome reputation. His quick bobbing together with weaving reflexes combined alongside fast heavy hands made him the youngest heavyweight champion.

4. Sugar Ray Robinson

Another all-time bully inwards our listing of transcend 10 best boxers is Sugar Ray Robinson. Sugar Ray Robinson is considered the pound for pound pose out i past times many boxing critics. He could likewise easily survive the pose out i inwards our listing of transcend 10 best boxers of all time. In fact, Sugar Ray Robinson was the real commence boxer to survive considered every bit the pound for pound champion.

3. Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is larger than life inwards the Philippines. He is a politician, an actor, together with a vocaliser inwards his dwelling country. However, what made Manny Pacquiao i of the all-time boxing greats is his mightiness to larn by together with dominate inwards dissimilar weight classes.

2. Joe Louis

Considered past times many every bit i of the best heavyweights of all time, Joe Louis was able to piece of occupation the globe heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1949. Joe Louis helped popularize the sport correct afterwards Jack Dempsey. He made a reputation every bit a construct clean together with honest boxer, who at that fourth dimension was a breath of fresh air when the sport was ruled past times gambling interests.

1. Muhammad Ali

Making it on transcend of our transcend 10 boxers of all-time listing is none other than Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali is considered past times many every bit the greatest boxer of all fourth dimension past times many critics. He was able to defeat the likes of Joe Frazier together with George Foreman during i of the best years of the heavyweight division.

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